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YaBI Designs is a sole proprietor company ran by Glenda Hargrove.  The company makes and sells handmade jewelry, bags and other accessories for the body and home.  YaBI has been creating and designing her accessories since high school, but has officially been in business since 2005.  

YaBI makes pieces to enhance a persons personality.  We are here for the person that likes to stand out.  The products are glamorous, stylish, trendy and unique.  They don't just wear the items, they are wearing pieces of art that intensify's their character.

This company likes to work with a variety of materials such as different metals, precious and glass stones, natural materials (shells, wood, feathers) and fabrics (denim, leather, vinyl).  Items have also been made for special occasions (weddings, birthdays..) and different organizations and groups.

YaBI loves to design for you.  Please let us know what we can do.

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